August 14, 2008

Wow, more jerseys

I can't get enough of this jersey making stuff.

Detroit Red Wings

The jersey is a copy of the white jersey the Wings wore in the 40's and 50's. The logo is the modern day logo. While the numbering is from Team Canada's 2006 Olympic jerseys.

Dallas Stars

It seems like Dallas is trying to get away from the North Star green and go with a black and gold scheme. I'm not a big fan of their current home jersey with the football style numbering on the front. Thus, I came up with this alternative which doesn't contain any of the green colour.

Vancouver Canucks

The logos used for this jersey were created prior to last season with the intention of putting them on an alternate jersey. When the third jersey program was scrapped last year, so was the idea to use these logos. Maybe we'll see them on the Canucks' alternate jersey this season, doubtful. The main crest is Johnny Cancuck...that is all I know about him.

2009 All Star Game

With the game being in Montreal this season, I thought back to '93 (the last time the game was in Montreal) and remembered the classic All Star jerseys that were used for the last time that year. I also chose those jerseys as my favourite all star jerseys of all time on a previous post.
Here I take that idea and use the new NHL logo and colour scheme to create these. The Montreal All Star Game logo is the patch on the chest.


Mark said...

where do you get your template?

HockeyLister said...

There's no template. It's a program where you choose the colours of a preset jersey and then I add the logos.