August 27, 2008

2008-2009 Goalie Rankings

This may be a little premature but, I'm going to go ahead and do my top 10 goalie rankings for THIS YEAR. Criteria for the rankings are as follows;

1. Impact on their team. If they were injured, would the team suffer?

2. Career stats.

3. Playoff impact. (post-lockout. We all know it's a different game since the lockout)

I gave each goalie a rating out of 10 on each of these areas. Then added up the score and thus the rankings. There was one ranking that I had to change though because It just didn't make sense.

After I did my rankings, I had him 8th ahead of Kiprusoff and Miller. I just don't believe that to be true. So I will include him as #10. That Stanley Cup in 2006 really helped his stats. Since then he's been solid, but not stellar.

Kiprusoff always has great regular season stats. Without him the Flames most likely wouldn't make the playoffs or at least they would struggle to do so. Since the lockout the Flames have not won a playoff series and Kiprusoff has looked human at times.

If Ryan Miller were on another team other than the Sabres, or if the Sabres didn't lose all of their players, he would have a Stanley Cup by now. During their 2006 run, Miller was spectacular giving Buffalo the goaltending they needed in the playoffs (if only Briere and Drury could do the same, that's another story). Miller always manages solid regular season stats. Buffalo is only going to go as far as he takes them.

Post lock-out he proved that he can play in the playoffs, including a final 4 appearance last season. He is a 3rd defenceman also, which is so invaluable to Dallas' attack. With the departure of Mike Smith to Tampa Bay, there is no proven backup in Dallas. If Turco were to go down, Dallas would still be able to produce, but the defence would be questionable. As far as career goes, he does hold the modern day record for GAA in a season.

Great regular season stats for Roberto, he was tied for third in shutouts last season. The previous season he had 47 wins. In that season, he also made his only playoff appearance. He did win one round and was excellent until the next round. The series clinching goal that season, was scored while he was trying to call an offside. Lesson learned, and I know that Luongo will move up this list every year.

Great regular season stats, thus allowing him into the playoffs. As we all know, the Sharks have been playoff disappointments post lock-out. No fault of Nabokov, but he hasn't been as stellar as the goalies ahead of him on this list. If he goes down, the Sharks don't have anyone solid enough. Even the Sharks knew this as they played him in 77 of 82 games last season.

Fantastic career stats. If the Rangers didn't have him, they would not be contending for the division title each year. He has won two playoff series in his brief career and has looked good doing so, but not great.

A Stanley Cup in 2007 and a final four appearance the previous season, has proved that this guy winning the Conn Smythe in 2003 was no fluke. His performance during the regular season makes the Ducks and automatic for the post season. Previously when Giguere went down, Bryzgalov was there to hold the fort. Now with him gone we'll see how much Anahiem needs Giguere.

Defending Stanley Cup champion, and his playoff performance was a major factor to his team's performance. The recent Wings Cup was possibly the best team effort in NHL history. As far as his overall career, he has solid stats on a very good team. He has 2 Stanley Cups, which he was the starting goalie for. When he was with the Islanders, he was the reason they finished 5th and made the playoffs for the first time in a while.

Everyone knows the credentials here. 3 Stanley Cups, he will own the career shutout record at the end of this season, and he's an ironman. In my opinion, this will be the final year at #1 for Martin Brodeur. I believe we're in the twilight years of a fantastic career. This is evident by one playoff series win post lock-out.

That's the goalies, next is the skaters. I also have plans to do the 5 most over rated goalies.
When you disagree with my decisions you can refer to my scoring system below;


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