August 17, 2008

Forgotten Jerseys

I had forgotten about these jerseys. I did them when I first started making the jerseys about a week or so ago.

Atlanta Thrashers

This will be the actual Thrashers' alternate logo this season. The alternate jersey will also be Thrasher red. It's not like anyone in Atlanta will care though. The new jersey will feature the numbers on the front, football style. I'll try to get another post up as to what the actual jersey might look like.

Los Angeles Kings

This is using the old Kings alternate logo from 1996. Pretty simple. The Kings will go with a black jersey this year. Simple white stripes and the letters LA on the front. Pretty much a copy of Dallas' home jersey just replace green with purple.

Phoenix Coyotes

Phoenix will go with a black jersey this year as their alternate. They will also use the jumping coyote logo this season that I have displayed in my jersey. Again Phoenix will use a design nearly identical to Dallas' home jersey.

Buffalo Sabres

Buffalo will go retro again this year as they will bring back their blue jersey from the 70's and 80's. I decided to use the white one here and give it the new numbering. The Buffalo logo will be touched up a bit for the new season with some silver lining. Buffalo will unveil their new alternates on September 20th.

Pittsburgh Penguins

The Pens will use the jersey used at last year's Winter Classic as an alternate this season. I think that was expected. So I went ahead and made an alternate to the alternate. Expect this from the Penguins.

St. Louis Blues

From what I have been reading, the Blues will have an alternate jersey that looks like this. I could be very wrong, but I haven't read anything about the yellow being on the jersey except in the logo. Also, from what I read this will be the logo on the Blues' alternate. The jersey will be a dark navy colour.

That's it for this post. I hope to have some more later today or tomorrow and then sometime soon put up all my concepts for the Leafs.

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