August 24, 2008

Actual Third Jerseys

This time around I have decided to post what are supposed to be actual third jerseys for the upcoming season.

I'll start with Long Island.

This season they will be going with a retro jersey. It will use the same colours and striping that was worn during the dynasty run of the 80's.

Phoenix Coyotes

I already did a Coyotes jersey with their new alternate logo, but this one also used their new shoulder patch. By all reports this is what the new third jersey will look like. In fact, all these posts are based on what I read in different reports.

Dallas Stars

I also already did a Stars jersey, but this one is the new alternate. It looks like the current white jersey that they have, except they are going to use the Dallas wordmark instead of the Stars logo. I don't know what the shoulder patch will be, in fact I haven't read any reports of there being shoulder patches. I used my discretion and used the state of Texas with the D in it.

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