August 17, 2008

Minnesota & Buffalo

Minnesota Wild

No plans for the Wild to have an alternate this season. So I took the liberty of creating one. Basic green with the vintage wool look (like they used at the 2004 All Star Game in Minnesota). Logo is in the arm bands such as the Habs did back in the day.

Buffalo Sabres

I know many people in Buffalo hate the current logo that the Sabres wear right now, but really aren't there better things to complain having to LIVE IN BUFFALO. They think the current logo looks like a slug. There's even a website. So I created a jersey using the new forth-coming alternate logo. I kept the current jersey design. It seems that Buffalonians (hahahahahahahahaha!) have no porblem with the jersey design.Mayne now they can stop complaining. Then again, whatever distracts you from the fact that you live in Buffalo!

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