August 12, 2008

Concept Jerseys

Based on what I've been reading over the past two months, the NHL will be bringing back third jerseys for two thirds of the teams. Some of the new logos have been leaked on the internet. I have no clue what the jerseys will look like, but I have come up with some concept jerseys of my own. Some ideas are based on rumours and some are my own ideas.

Anahiem Ducks

This is just my personal idea. I don't believe that the Ducks will have an alternate jersey for this season.

Ottawa Senators

The Sens are rumoured to have the team name on the front of the jersey with no logo. I used an unused alternate logo for the shoulder patches. The jersey is also rumoured to be black.

San Jose Sharks

The shark logo as the crest is rumoured to be used, but not the white triangle behind it. This jersey is also rumoured to be black. Everything else is just my ideas. The shoulder patches are an unused alternate logo from last season. The story is that San Jose designed the jersey and new logo used last season, for the previous season. When they heard about the RBK Edge uniforms that were to be used they held back the release of their current jerseys. Obviously they had plans for an alternate jersey with that logo being used in it. But, the NHL did not want third jerseys used last season.

I'll post some more that I have later, including: New Jersey, Atlanta, and Tampa Bay plus more.

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