August 29, 2008


Another long weekend is upon us and so is ANOTHER JERSEY CONCEPT post! Is anyone getting sick of these yet? Is anyone reading my blog? Probably not.

First up;

New York Rangers

I like this as a possible alternate for 2009-2010. The Rangers are reported not to have a third jersey this year. Quick fact, they were one of the first five teams to have a third jersey when the program started in January of 1996. The Rangers were one of the first NHL teams to feature numbers on the front of their jerseys. They did this in the 1946-47 season. Boston was the other team to feature football style numbering.

Vancouver Canucks

A bit of a stretch going with a green jersey It could work, maybe even as a special "One Night Only" St. Patrick's day jersey. I only assumed that Daniel Sedin would be captain this season, it's not a fact.

Chicago Blackhawks

I was having trouble thinking of something to do with a Hawks jersey, even going as far as styling as jersey after the Hawks team from the Mighty Ducks movies.

Hey! I didn't even realize that former Canucks goalie, Kirk McLean, was in The Mighty Ducks movie...