August 24, 2008

Buffalo, Calgary Flames & Season Preview news

Here's another jersey that will be used as an alternate this year. No surprise here, the Sabres are going back to their retro look. Just this time the jersey and logo are a dark navy blue and all yellow is outlined by a thin silver line.

Thankfully they are making this version a navy blue so it will at least match the pants and helmet, unlike last time;

Remember that 06-07 Sabres team? The only one who was dumb enough to not leave Buffalo was Ryan Miller. I think that's only a matter of time.

Calgary Flames

Here's take take on the flaming C logo, it's now the flaming F logo. I've always liked the idea of Calgary having a black alternate jersey. Flames burn, thus a burnt black jersey.

As far as a season preview goes, I can't accurately write one up until Sundin decides what he's going to do. If he comes back, the team that takes him is going to have to clear cap space (via trades). If he doesn't come back, teams that were banking on him as a top centre are going to have to make trades to fill that role. Leaf camp starts on September 19th, so the preview will start no later than that. I'll do two teams a day. One from the East and one from the West.

Bye bye for now.

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