September 9, 2008

Atlanta, Edmonton, & San Jose

Just three more "official" guesses as to what third jerseys are going to look like this season.

Edmonton Oilers

Classic blue jersey from what I've read. Not much to say here as we've seen this jersey many times before. Someone on the internet did a RBK Edge design of it;

Atlanta Thrashers

I posted a Thrashers concept earlier with their new alternate logo here. This is crudely drawn, I had to do a lot of it free hand. The idea is there. A red jersey with Thrashers across the chest, with the number football style. White stripe on the arm and down the side, which is outlined in blue.

San Jose Sharks

Here is pretty much the same as the Sharks previously had as an alternate. New crest and numbering. Along with the small numbers on the front and new shoulder patches. I had a previous Sharks post here.

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