September 14, 2008

Remaining Guesses For Alternate Jerseys

Start with Ottawa;

This is a crappy design for a crappy team. Enough said.

Philadelphia Flyers

Flyers will go with their retro jerseys from the 70's. The name tag on the back may be a white square with orange lettering.

Tampa Bay Lightning

I had a previous post using this logo. You can see it here. This is based on rumours that I have read. Of course these rumours also said there would be stars on the bottom of the Hurricanes new jersey. WRONG!

Pittsburgh Penguins.

Simple, they are going with last year's Winter Classic jersey. I think everyone pretty much assumed that they would. This is also a retro look. This is pretty much gauranteed seeing as you can no longer purchase the RBK Edge Penguins Winter Classic jersey from anymore.

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