September 7, 2008

Carolina, LA & Dallas(ver 2), Columbus, and Vancouver

I've been working on less concept jerseys these days. I have done a few though and here they are;

Carolina Hurricanes

Reports are conflicting on this jersey. The only unanimous thing is that the jersey will be black. It will either be a black version of their current jersey or this one, with the stars at the bottom. The shoulder patches are my interpretation, as there is a picture on their webiste that shows a variant on their current logo.

Notice the variations (eye of the hurricane)? Is the picture in black and white? Or is this a colour photo from the black jersey's shoulder patch? I think it's a colour photo because the centre of the logo shows no variation in colours (ie. red being lighter than the black)

Los Angeles Kings

I already posted version 1 of this jersey here. The jerseys are based on what I've been reading. I thought my previous idea didn't fit how jerseys are currently being designed with the new RBK Edge system, so I did this design. For example take a look at Edmonton and Florida.

Dallas Stars

I just curved the "DALLAS" as I hadn't done it previously. I also changed the shoulder patches. Check out version 1 here.

Columbus Blue Jackets

Here's a concept I was just playing around with. The Jackets have no interest in coming out with an alternate over the next few seasons. They say they want to establish their current jerseys first.

Vancouver Canucks

Here is another jersey that is "supposed" to be the actual alternate. Notice the updated crest. I have a feeling the shoulder patches I used here are not going to be the ones used. I suspect they will go with no shoulder patches or these ones I used earlier.

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