December 20, 2008

Sundin to Vancouver

With Mats Sundin signing in Vancouver many fans in Toronto are quite upset about the whole situation. Many fans believe that if Mats Sundin loved the Maple Leafs, as he said, then he should have waived his no-trade clause at the 2008 trade deadline so the Leafs could have started building for the future. He elected not to waive his no-rade clause, citing that he did not want to be a "rental player", as it wouldn't feel right. He also said something along the lines of, at that time he didn't see himself wearing any other sweater.

At the time, I thought it was honourable of him to want to stay in Toronto. He wasn't obligated to waive his no-trade, he had it put in so he wouldn't have to join a new team. Now, with his signing in Vancouver everything he said previously has been contradicted.

The Leafs have now lost one of their best players of all time for no players in return. If he knew at the end of last year that he was A) not returning to the league or most importantly B) not returning to the Maple Leafs then it appears he was looking out for himself and really did not care about the well being of the Toronto Maple Leafs as he had previoulsy stated.

As far as signing a one year contract with a new team in the middle of the season...that sounds like a rental player to me! He always said it was never about the money, yet he would never think about lowering his salary expectations to join a team with less cap space and a better chance at the Cup than Vancouver.

When the Canucks visit Toronto on February 21, 2009 I won't feel comfortable booing Mats Sundin, but I definately won't cheer him. And as far as what comes out of his mouth, it's now very hard to believe anything he says. I believe he just says what people want to hear and does whatever he wants to do without thinking about what he said he was going to do.

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