December 13, 2008

Logos, Patches and Corrections

I was thinking about stupid things that really mean nothing yet would be kind of cool to see in the NHL.

An example is the Detroit Red Wings. Seeing as they won the Stanley Cup last season, all throughout this season they should be allowed to wear the Stanley Cup patch on their jersey. That goes for any team that wins the Cup.

Another thing that I was thinking about was the sale of the Vintage jerseys by CCM. I was wondering if they were perfectly accurate or if slight changes were made. So I started to look around and noticed a slight difference in the Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys.

The shoulder patch on the newly produced jerseys is a maple leaf from the Canadian flag. If you look at the original jersey from the 80's you'll see that the shoulder patch is just a blank version of the Toronto Maple Leaf.

Also, I see people at Leaf games who have gotten their jerseys numbered and it has the incorrect font on it. Maybe it was for cost reasons? Or maybe those people don't care. As far as I'm concerned I want my $175 jersey to be as authentic as possible.

I wanted to know who some of the culprits making these awful jerseys were. I was surprised to find out that was! Take a look.

Well I'm out of breath and I don't have anymore pointless crap to complain about.

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