December 14, 2008

Jersey Posts

I've done some more jersey concepts and here they are.

We start with the Boston Bruins who could of done a yellow third jersey this season, but instead went black. So I went yellow for them.

Edmonton had a great third jersey a few seasons ago, here is a white version.

There are rumours in Pittsburgh that when they move to their new stadium they will permanently go to the powder blue and white colours. I like the gold and black but with the powder blue design.

Minnesota will most likely have a new alternate sweater next season that will be green. Here's my offering.

Nashville needs a complete overhaul. Logo, colours, city...everything. Here's an option.

and a road sweater.

Canada might not be able to use their logo at the Olympics because of some rule that the IOC has ignored up until now. So I came up with this.

And a white version.

That was fun.

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