July 19, 2008

Top 5 Worst Jerseys

Here it goes. MY top 5 Worst jerseys of all time...

I will start with some terrible jerseys that were not bad enough to make the top 5...or bottom 5, depends how you look at it.

Now the 5 worst of all time.


This is the Oilers jersey from the first year of the WHA when they were known as the Alberta Oilers. Gretzky never wore this jersey. Maybe the most famous Oiler to wear this jersey is not even really known as an Oiler at all, Jacques Plante.


The Canucks just can not help themselves. They create some of the worst jerseys ever. The make another appearance later on this list. This jersey was one of the original 5 third jerseys. Another original third jersey makes it to number 1 on this list.


With a name change comes a new jersey. The former Oakland Seals had a decent jersey and logo. Then the name change for the 1970-71 season, to the California Golden Seals. So why not make the jersey gold also. Thus, here is this monstrosity! I believe at some point everyone on the team also wore white gloves.


This jersey replaced the classic blue and green jerseys for the 1978-79 season. This jersey brought the Canucks ZERO winning seasons and Harry Neale as a coach. They did manage to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1982, dropping 4 straight to the New York Islanders.

Now, the Worst Jersey of All Time!

This is without a doubt, the worst jersey of all time. When you go to the jersey display in the Hockey Hall of Fame, Teemu Selanne jersey is on show. The caption below it mentions that this jersey was not well received. It was an original third jersey. It was only used during the 1995-96 season, after which it was abandoned. The Ducks introduced a new third jersey in 1997-98.

Sorry for any gammatical errors. My keyboard is being a bitch right now. This is what I get when I type a question mark... É ... stupid keyboard.

All jersey images are from nhluniforms.com and whauniforms.com

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