July 15, 2008


I love a classic jersey. Except it's hard to find a new classic jersey these days because teams don't even keep their current jersey long enough to even establish a reputation (Vancouver Canucks, I'm looking in your direction). So I've made two lists. The first list is for MY top 5 jerseys of all time. Of course, many will not agree with my choices, but it would be hard to find a group of people that would agree on this issue entirely.

The second list is the top 5 worst jerseys of all time. Many teams will constantly change their jerseys in hopes of generating more revenue from merchandise sales (Again, Vancouver, I'm looking in your direction). A lot of these jerseys could have made this list. In fact, it was harder to even come up with 5 great jerseys, while I had to narrow down this list, of worst jerseys, from 13 down to 5. So here it is;



The Flames brought this jersey in for the 2003-2004 season and went all the way to the Cup Finals. The lettering is not in a classic font, but is not too crazy either. The lines on the jersey are in traditional hockey design, except for the triangle dip down. This jersey had minor changes when the RBK Edge jerseys were introduced this past season.


This jersey was designed primarily for the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. It was used at World Championships and World Juniors. It was a nice change from the "future" looks that were used for the 1996 World Cup and the 1998 Nagano Olympics.


I hate the Habs, but their's no denying that their jersey is a classic. It really has never been changed, only slight modifications. The blue stripe across the middle of the home jersey is as iconic as Yankee pin stripes. Again, I HATE the Canadiens!


Much like the Habs' jersey, this jersey has not been changed over the years. It's simple red and white colours are famous around the league. When you see those two colours on the jersey you don't even have to look at the logo, you know it's a Wings jersey.


Yeah, I'm a "homer". I'm choosing the Leafs' 1967 jersey as the greatest jersey of all time. This jersey represents a good time in Toronto. I've already discussed how much I like the logo. This jersey is an upgrade on a classic. It was brought in for the 67 Finals. The logo was changed to a traditional Maple Leaf to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Canada. A large stripe was added in between the two thin stripes. And just as the Wings jersey, you know when you see blue and white on a jersey you just know it's a Maple Leafs jersey.

Next, the top 5 WORST jerseys of all time (Vancouver, I'm looking in your direction!)

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