July 19, 2008

Fans First Game

I know I said I`d do my top 5 worst jerseys of all time, but I had to write about this first.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are having a pre season game on September 22nd and all the tickets are free. They will be given away through various contests. The idea of the promo is very good. It`s called the Coke Zero Fans First Game. Smart, seeing as a select few actually ever get to a Leafs game. I entered the contest, and as I was checking the rules (to see if I could enter more than once) I read Rule 2. It states that, all current season seat holders are automatically entered into the contest! I was really excited about this game, mainly I wanted to hear how loud the ACC can get when REAL fans attend! Now that won`t be so. I have a feeling that even though it`s supposed to be a Fans First Game, once again the platinum seats will be reserved for big corporations who won`t show up and are too lazy or stupid to give their unused tickets to the many programs that are set up for that kind of thing! These programs take the unused tickets and grant a kid with cancer, or a kid who grows up in poverty, a chance to go see the Leafs!

Anyways, that is my rant for now. Just when you think the Leafs do something right, you read the fine print and you realize they have messed it up AGAIN!

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