January 2, 2009

Some things and some jerseys.

Winter Classic was very good this year. It was a great game to watch and the crowd seemed a little louder this year. That may have been the TV mic's though. As I predicted here, we saw Ty Conklin start his third straight outdoor game. That really doesn't mean anything as his record is only 2-1. Maybe it would be a big deal if he was 3-0...damn that Edmonton game!

I was thinking, what if there was a disputed goal at the Classic? How could they go to video replay. Sure they would have lots of camera angles from around the rink and stadium, but they wouldn't have that all important overhead shot above the crease. Must not be a concern seeing as it has never been brought up.

Some jerseys I've made recently...

Colorado Avalanche using the old Colorado Rockies logo

I did Canada last time so here is a Team USA, home and away

Quebec Nordiques, using their never used logo and the Avalanche jersey.

I'm not a big fan of Anaheim's jersey or colours. I think they should be green. And they need a logo, not just a wordmark.

Calgary with a "white hot" version. Sorry, that was terrible.

Finally, Toronto.

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