January 28, 2009

2011 All Star Concepts and More

In 2010 there will be no All Star Game because some of the players will be playing in the Olympics. So the next scheduled All Star Game is in 2011 in Phoenix...that is, if they still have a team at that point. (Highly unlikely)

Just in case, I have come up with some concepts for the All Star logo and jerseys.

The font on the jerseys is based off of the new Coyotes' wordmark...

Some more concepts.

This Canucks jersey sucks, but I have an idea and I just couldn't execute it.

If the Bruins were to play in a Winter Classic here is a play on a vintage jersey.

The Predators' jersey may be the one I dislike the most. Here's a new idea.

A crazy Flyers concept using the old alternate logo.

If Columbus were to get an alternate jersey, it may look something like this.

And I'm spent.

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