November 11, 2008

NHL Shootout

As the shootout to decide tie games enters its fourth season in use I have a couple of issues regarding it.

First off, I was never in favour of the shootout, but that is not for debate anymore. The shootout is here to stay, end of story. Secondly, I don't mind a stat being kept in a team's record for shootout and OT losses, but it should be kept seperate.

For example, the Maple Leafs currently have an official record of 6-5-4. Officially, they are one game above a .500 winning percentage. As far as I see it, They are 6-9 (3 games below .500) with 3 of those losses being in a shootout and one in OT. I think the record should read as follows

W - L (OTL - SOL)
6 - 9 ( 1 - 3) 16PTS
The extra point would still be awarded, but the loss would be counted in the regular LOSS column and noted in a seperate OT LOSS column.

My other major point is, that the younger players know how to get it done in the shootout. They have far more creative moves than older players. Crosby, Ovechkin, Toews etc. are all very exciting in the shootout. As opposed to Sakic, Selanne, or Modano who may only give you one or two side to side moves.

Five years down the road the shootout will be very exciting because of all the young, talented, creative shooters. Also, the new shootout event at the All Star Skills Competition will only get better every year.

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