November 24, 2008

Final Alternate Jersey Update

Now that all 3rd jerseys have been officially released lets look at my original guesses versus what was actually produced. You can view the original post of all my guesses here.
Also, here is the graphic I provided from that post.

And here are all of the new alternate jerseys courtesy of

I was dead on with Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Edmonton, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Toronto.
I messed up on some of the colours and stripes on Atlanta, Buffalo, Los Angeles, San Jose, Tampa Bay, and Vancouver.
If only I had continued my elbow stripes completely around the arm on the Kings' jersey, then I would have been correct.
I was completely off on Carolina, Ottawa, Phoenix, and St. Louis

Here is my worst to first list of all the new alternate jerseys.

18. Phoenix (had high hopes for this one)
17. Carolina
16. Dallas
15. NY Islanders
14. Philadelphia
13. Ottawa
12. Pittsburgh
11. San Jose
10. Boston
9. Vancouver
8. Chicago
7. Edmonton
6. Tampa Bay
5. Atlanta

4. Toronto

3. Los Angeles

2. Buffalo

1. St. Louis

That's all for third jerseys for this year. Early word is that Minnesota and Washington will have new alternates next season.

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