October 29, 2008

Winter Classic Jerseys

Again, a Winter Classic will be held on New Year's Day this season, Chicago's Wrigley Field being the host. The throwback jerseys were released a few days ago for the game, here's a look at them.

As far as the game goes, it's something nice to watch on TV on New Year's day, but will the American ratings be there after the novelty of this outdoor game wears off? The Canadian ratings will always be there, so if the NHL were to put on the Winter Classic between two American teams every 3 years that would make it something special. The two years in between, pit two Canadian teams together. Broadcast it nationally in Canada, with it being on Versus or NHL Network in the US and you will be able to keep the novelty of the game. Just a thought, and we won't know for sure how long it will take for the novelty to wear off until we hear what the ratings were for the game.

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