October 31, 2008

Third Jersey Updates

Over the last two or three weeks, there have been quite a few leaks of new third jersey pictures over at icethetics. I of course, have been following the news on these third jerseys, as you can see here and all throughout this blog.

Now that all but 5 jerseys have been seen let us compare my assumptions, based on what was written over the summer, to what the actual jerseys look like.

First, the actual jerseys...

Now my assumptions...

I've gone 6 for 13 so far, but lets face it, I was fairly close on 3 of them (Buffalo, Tampa Bay, and Vancouver). So if you're nice, I've actually gone 9 for 13. And if you're really nice and want to say I was close with Atlanta and Phoenix, then I have gone 11 for 13 so far.

The teams that have yet to "officially" unveil their new jerseys are Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Jose, Tampa Bay, and Vancouver.

Pittsburgh isn't hiding anything as it's pretty much common knowledge that they will be using this jersey. (This is not a leaked image, it is a photoshopped version of last year's Winter Classic)

Below are release dates for each of the jerseys yet to be unveiled...

Boston - Monday, November 24
Chicago - Monday, November 3
Dallas - Tuesday, November 18
Los Angeles - Saturday, November 22
Ottawa - Saturday, November 22
Philadelphia - Friday, November 28 (one of the last)
Phoenix - Friday, November 28 (one of the last)
Pittsburgh - Wednesday, November 5
San Jose - Friday, November 21
Tampa Bay - Sunday, November 23
Vancouver - Saturday, November 15

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