September 29, 2009

Concepts Galore....not really.

It's pretty obvious that the Sabres want to go full time retro. How long will it be before we see this Sabres concept?

A slight change to the Red Wings' Winter Classic in this concept.

Another team that wants to go full-time retro, the New York Islanders. This concept should be on the ice in a year or two.

A far fetched Washington Capitals concept.

A new black Carolina Hurricanes concept.

Finally, after reading what has been written about the Florida Panthers' upcoming 3rd jersey, I took a guess and created this concept.

That wraps it up from here, back to you at the desk.


Here's another look at my Panthers concept...

I would love to see the Leafs use a 1967 jersey as an alternate.

Another blue Capitals concept.

Really, that's it for now...I think.

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